Benevolence Team

The benevolence team at the Pleasantville Church of Christ is dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God by providing for the physical needs of our community. We serve the community by maintaining a food pantry, keeping a fund for individuals in need, and providing information about other resources in the community. If the benevolence team can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please call the church and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zach Meacham | Benevolence Team Leader [Read more from Zach…]

Food PantryClothing Pantry | Disciples of ChristCommunity Housing / utilities assistanceMeal AssistanceEvents / Volunteer OpportunitiesPleasantville Church of Christ
205 W. Monroe St.
Pleasantville, Iowa
50225 | Tel. 515-848-3213
Food Pantry | Pleasantville Church of Christ
Our food pantry is open to anyone who has need, all we ask is you inform us when we’re running low on something. We also provide financial assistance under circumstances where families and individuals are unable to provide for themselves.In any and all circumstances, it’s our duty to provide prayer and support for those in our community who have need, if you are in need of assistance, contact the church at the number below.
Saturday 7am – 8am
Sunday 9am – 1pm
Wednesday 5pm – 8pm
Call for more information
205 W. Monroe Street Pleasantville, Iowa 50225

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Disciples of Christ Clothing Pantry

The Disciples of Christ clothing pantry is located at the Pleasantville Christian Church located across from the Webb Shadle Memorial library. The pantry changes its inventory seasonally and provides clothes to those in need.

9am – noon Monday thru Thursday
Call for more information

Marion County Community Action

Marion County community action is a government program providing the following services:

    Chore Service – Yard work, shoveling, minor home maintenance and repairs for elderly and disabled residents.
    Low-Income Home Energy Assistance – Aids qualifying low-income households in the payment of a portion of their residential heatings costs for the winter heating season.
    Emergency Crisis Intervention – Assistance for repair/replacement of furnaces. Purchases heaters, blankets, fans and air conditioners.
    Weatherization – Workers perform energy audit and weatherize homes with insulation, caulking, inefficient appliance replacement and furnace repair and replacement.

The local community action office is located at the address below.
They can also be contacted at the number listed.

3014 E Main – PO Box 719, Knoxville, IA 50138


Pleasantville Senior Center

The senior center provides meals 5 days a week to those in the community who are ages 60 and up. The meals are provided from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Contact Matt Brown at

Events / Volunteer Opportunities

Drivers Needed | Meals On Wheels

The Pleasantville Senior center needs volunteers to deliver meals to seniors in town. Currently, the senior center needs drivers for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Drivers need to arrive at 11:15 and will have all meals delivered by noon. Training will be provided and drivers will be introduced to the people they are delivering to before they are sent out on their own.

Contact Matt Brown at