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Search and Restore

Continuing in Matthew 18, we see the next point that Jesus is communicating.  He tells us about the importance of not causing others to stumble.  He teaches us about the significance of sin in our lives.  He shows the love of the Shepard when he leaves the 99 to find the 1.  Finally, He shows […]


Achieve Greatness

Jesus’ disciples asked Him who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  Their question came from the disciples comparing themselves to one another.   They were in competition wondering who the greatest would be.  Jesus turns the question back around, telling them they need to turn and become like little children.  What does Jesus mean […]

The Power of Faith

In Matthew 17 Jesus’ disciples were not able to heal a boy that was brought to them.  When they asked Jesus why this was.  His response was “because of your little faith.”  Jesus was telling them that there is great power in faith.  Great power that is there waiting for us tap into.

New year. New problems?

The beginning of the new year brings new goals, challenges, and problems.  The question remains.  Are we going to be reactive or proactive or reactive to the problems that come our way? And are we planning to be a problem ourselves? 

Don’t miss CHRISTmas “The Gift”

This Sunday is the day that we celebrate the best gift that was ever given.  The gift of His own Son.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This season let us now miss the gift, that this Christ is to us, and to the whole world.

Don’t miss CHRISTmas “king” Herod

In the second part of our “Don’t miss CHRISTmas” series.  We are going to take a look at king Herod.  And how he refused to take a step off of what he thought was his throne.  And how he couldn’t see that there was someone better that came to serve not to be served.

Don’t miss CHRISTmas “The innkeeper”

When Joseph and Mary were about to welcome little baby Jesus into this world.  The innkeeper told them that he had no room for them.  This time of year as we are attempting to keep Christ in Christmas, we can learn a couple of things from the innkeeper.

Reacting like Peter pt 2 “Take up your cross”

In this next passage, Jesus gives two complicated commands.  For us to deny ourselves, and to take up our cross.  The cross signifies death and destruction.  Why would Jesus ask us to take up such a horrific object of destruction?  What is Jesus trying to tell His followers in this passage?

Reacting like Peter

In Matthew 16:17 Jesus tells Peter that he is blessed because God the Father has revealed something to him.  A few verses later we see that Peter doesn’t agree with something that Jesus says and Peter begins to rebuke the Lord.  Jesus’ response to him seems harsh.  How is it that this same Peter was […]

State of Thanksliving

Often times we try to hold onto things that aren’t ours to hold onto. We will cling tightly to that which we think we can control, and not let God show us a better way. This season is one of Thanksgiving. When we set aside time from our busy lives and offer up gratitude toward […]