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The Gift of Jesus – is Patient, does not Envy, always Protects

This week as we begin to unpack the gift that Jesus is.  We take a look at how love is PATIENT.  How it does not ENVY.  And how love always PROTECTS.  This is the love that God has for us when He sent His only Son into the world to be the payment for our […]


The Gift of Jesus – Love

This time of year, we get so focused on the exchanging of gifts.  The wish lists and desire to get the perfect gift for that special person.  God gave the best gift the world has ever seen.  Jesus His son, as a sacrifice for us all.  This season we are going to focus on the […]


Being filled with Thanksgiving – Reading the Bible

Such a great privilege for as Christians today.  To have God’s Word written down for us.  For us to have a resource that contains everything we need.  We have these things for us to remember when storms and trials come our way.  God’s Word shines a light into our lives and shows us how we […]

Being filled with Thanksgiving – Prayer

Who do we cry out to when we feel all alone?  When the circumstances and decisions of our lives have closed us in and leave us feeling in prisoned.  Who do we turn to?  Do we follow the ways of this world, and spiral down further into pit of our own despair?  Or are we […]

Being filled with Thanksgiving – Worship

As we begin a new sermon series leading up the time of Thanksgiving.  We think of ways we can be filled with Thanksgiving.  Not with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, or even pumpkin pie.  No, we want to be filled with the love and joy we can receive from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This […]

Joseph’s Journey – True relationship

As we see that the journey of Joseph is nearing the end.  We see that Joseph’s brothers are still fearful that the forgiveness that Joseph has shown them is not real.  They are holding back, not being real with Joseph.  They are scared that the evil they participated in so long ago will come back […]

Joseph’s Journey – It’s time to go home.

Joseph and his brothers just reconciled their differences. They have been reunited in love and fellowship. Joseph tells his brothers to go home get dad and come back. As this good news reaches Jacob. We see the process of going home unfold.

Joseph’s Journey – The Power of Forgiveness

Now is the moment we have all been waiting for.  Joseph is about to reveal to his brothers who he is.  His brothers that treated him so badly 22 years prior, are about to come face to face with their fate.  Their sins, the way they mistreated not only Joseph but their father as well.  […]

Joseph’s Journey – Radically changed hearts

Joseph has been putting his brothers through tests to see if their hearts have changed.  He has been waiting to see if his brothers are truly looking for reconciliation.  They still don’t know that this Egyptian official is the brother they beat and sold into slavery.  As he stands before them what will they do?  […]

Joseph’s Journey – Is it time for a change?

Joseph’s brothers were once again sent home with grain they so desperately needed.  This time Joseph had silver cup put into the mouth of Benjamin’s grain sack.  This was put in there as a test to see if the brothers have changed.  Joeseph wanted to see if his brothers have truly changed yet.  And to […]