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Reacting like Peter

In Matthew 16:17 Jesus tells Peter that he is blessed because God the Father has revealed something to him.  A few verses later we see that Peter doesn’t agree with something that Jesus says and Peter begins to rebuke the Lord.  Jesus’ response to him seems harsh.  How is it that this same Peter was […]


State of Thanksliving

Often times we try to hold onto things that aren’t ours to hold onto. We will cling tightly to that which we think we can control, and not let God show us a better way. This season is one of Thanksgiving. When we set aside time from our busy lives and offer up gratitude toward […]


On this rock I will build my church

People thought that Jesus was many things or many other people that had come back to life. When Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was. They answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus said that He is going to build His church on this rock.

Jesus walks on water

The wind and the waves of this life will beat against us.  There will be times when it seems like we are at the end of what we can do.  With our human understanding, it can seem like we are in the midst of these storms all alone.  We may ask, “where is God in […]

Jesus feeds the 5000

Jesus just heard of John the Baptist’s death, and He leaves the area to be alone.  But the crowds are following Him and are gathered around Him.  Jesus being moved with compassion puts an impossible task in front of His disciples.  He challenges them to feed at a minimum 5000 people.  How are the disciples […]

John the Baptist put to death

In Matthew 14, the account of John the Baptist’s death is written down.  We see that Herod (the man guilty of John’s death), had struggles in his mind that he was dealing with during this whole ordeal.  Many struggles that we face here and now in today’s society.  What are those struggles, and how are […]

The danger of unbelief

In Matthew 13, Jesus visits His hometown.  And He is met with astonishment, as these people couldn’t see how this man that they watched grow up spoke with so much wisdom and knowledge.  They showed that they had a worldly view of things.  And that they didn’t believe in who Jesus was. 

What is the kingdom of Heaven

In Matthew 13, Jesus talks about the kingdom of Heaven.  He compares it to a mustard seed, leaven, a great treasure in a field.  A pearl of great value.  And He says that the kingdom of Heaven is like a dragnet cast into the sea.  How does the kingdom of Heaven compare to these things, […]

Weeds among the wheat

In the parable of the weeds.  Jesus compares us to wheat and weeds.  He speaks of how there will be a harvest, and we will be separated at that time.  He tells us that the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

What type of soil are we?

In the first part of Matthew 13, Jesus is speaking in a parable known as the “parable of the sower.”  Jesus speaks of 4 different types of places where the seed is sown.  We hope to learn more about these places Jesus is speaking of and to learn which one describes us best.