What’s New?

“Questions Answered” – How can, we be sure?

How can, we be sure?  With all the different religions in the world, all the different ways of interpreting the Bible, how can we be sure that we have the right way?

“Questions Answered” – How can God be good?

We are starting a new series titled “Questions Answered.”  This Sunday we are going to see how it is that God is good, even when there is suffering in the world.  When bad things happen in this fallen world, we can still look to God and know that He is good.

One day He is coming back.

What is your response to the question “are you ready for Jesus’ return?”  It is important for us all to live like He is coming back today.  Because one day He will, He will return.

The power of Grace

The song Amazing Grace is so powerful that even pagans will tear up when they hear it.  What is the message of this song that can speak to the hearts of people who don’t know what it is that Jesus did?

How great is our God

The song “How great is our God” is a statement of faith.  How would you answer if someone were to ask you “how great is YOUR God?”

It is well with my soul

In Hebrews 11, God introduces us to heroes of the faith.  He also talks about those who suffered, struggled, and even died for their faith.  Why would God tell us about those who didn’t fare so well?

What is our sacrifice today?

In the Old Testament God had the Israelites offer sacrifices.  A lot of sacrifices.  What does that mean for us today?  Are we still supposed to be offering sacrifices to God?

The law that Moses brought.

The law that Moses brought to the people of Isreal.  Was it good or bad?  What purpose does this law serve for us today?

From old to new

The Bible is called the “living Word of God.”  The more we study the Bible we begin to learn how much God cares for us.  We see the intricacy of the scriptures, and can see how things were and how they are now.  What can we learn from the way things were and how they […]

Can you save yourself?

Peter spoke a powerful sermon to the crowd at Pentecost.  In our Bibles today one of the phrases Peter said is translated as “Save yourselves from this crooked generation.”  Is that translated accurately?  Can we actually save ourselves?