Notes from Nathan

Is Jesus speaking to us?

In the eleventh chapter of Matthew, Jesus addresses those around Him.  He states that they seem to be looking for something other than Jesus.  He goes on to say that are towns that have refused to follow Him and that there will be judgment coming to those towns.  And He finishes this passage by telling […]


Jesus confirming His kingship

In the first part of Matthew chapter 11.  We see John the Baptist is in prison, questioning if Jesus is the promised Mesiah.  Jesus confirms this and tells John how he is to know that Jesus is who He says He is.  Then Jesus tells us that even the least of these who are in […]


We must confess

Continuing on with our series in the book of Matthew.  We come to a point where Jesus tells us that we must acknowledge His name.  And then He will acknowledge our name before His Father in heaven.  That He has come to bring a sword.  And that there is a steep price to pay.  How […]

We must rely on Jesus

While sending out His apostles Jesus tells them of things that will come.  He likens them to sheep among wolves.  He tells them that persecution will come.  And that they are not to be afraid.  What is the correlation between the apostles of Jesus and us as Christ-followers today?

Jesus sends out the apostles

In the first part of Matthew chapter ten, we see that Jesus has the authority to empower His apostles and send them out.  We see the compiled list of the original twelve.  And we see what they should expect as they are sent, and learn where their power comes from.

How are we to handle the harvest?

In the last part of Matthew nine, we see Jesus showing us how to reach out to people.  We see the method He uses that drives him toward those that do not know Him.  He encouraged us when He said.  “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

Please open our eyes

Continuing with our series “The ministry of Jesus.”  We will take a look at two more miracles that Jesus performed.  We will see Jesus heal two blind men and a deaf and mute man.  He meets them at their level of faith.  And through these, He also shows us that His mission will prevail, despite […]

Faith that can impact generations

On this Mother’s day, we are going to take a look at an example of a mother in the bible.  This mother saw something special in her son, she obeyed God rather than man.  She taught her son to be faithful to God.  She taught him to follow God, rather than enjoy the pleasures of […]

Jesus is the hope for the hopeless

In a world that can be filled with hopelessness, where do you turn?  How can we find hope?  In our message this Sunday, we look at a man named Jairus who lost all hope that his daughter could be saved.  We also meet a woman who had spent everything she had to be well again.  […]

The unlikely recruit

Continuing with our series “The ministry of Jesus” we see that Jesus chose a tax collector to be His disciple.  From what we read in Matthew chapter nine, we can see that this is not a popular decision.  What does this recruiting of Matthew say for us today?  How are we similar to the personalities […]