Notes from Nathan

Letters of Paul – “Here’s where we stand”

In Paul’s letter to the Romans. He is starting to show everyone listening where they stand with God. Showing them the reason for the law. Showing them that the law is there to point us towards our need for Jesus. Not only to be our savior, but to the Lord of our lives. This Sunday […]

Paul’s letter to the Romans (continued)

In the end of Romans 1, into chapter 2. We read Paul working with the Romans, setting the standard that we are held to. The standard of truth. The truth that we are given choices to either accept or deny. The truth that will ultimately condemn us or set us free. What is your choice?

Paul called by Jesus to bring the message of His life to the gentiles. Paul sends these letters to various churches. This one starts with the “all who are in Rome.” Paul is eager to see them and to bring the good news. Paul is not ashamed of the gospel and understands the urgency that is required. There is much for us to learn from Paul’s example in these letters.


Last week we talked about Peter. And how many of us can relate to Peter in his walk with Christ. This week we are going to talk about Saul/Paul. I have a feeling that many of us can relate to Saul as he was far away from Jesus, and the transformation that happens in his life. Maybe we think that we are too far gone for the grace of Jesus to reach us, or we aren’t sure that Jesus can use us for His kingdom. This week we are going to see what Jesus has for us, the love he has for us. We will see how Saul experienced Jesus’ supernatural grace.

“Grace – God’s unmerited favor is sufficient for us.” “David”

Last week we looked at Moses. This week we will take a look at the anointing of David as King. To his actions that displeased the Lord, and the consequences of those actions. Then we will finish up with the unconventional grace that follows. David was labeled as a man after God’s own heart. His […]

As we lead up to Easter this year, we are going to take a look at characters in the Bible and how God’s grace was poured out for them. We plan to relate them to our lives and learn how much God really loves us. God’s unmerited favor is sufficient for us.

As we conclude our sermon series on Love. We come to the part of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, that states “love never fails.” When we think of love in human terms, we see that love often fails. We see people leave, friends move away, and sometimes we can write off others when they wrong us. Does Jesus treat us the same way? Is His love conditional?

Three gifts for Jesus

These three wise men bring gifts to Jesus after his birth. These three gifts are not what we would consider “hot items” or must haves this year. Yet these gifts have significant meaning for Jesus’ life and for our lives with Him.

The Gift of Jesus – is Kind, does not Boast, always Trusts.

In this Sunday’s service.  We take a look at how Love is Kind, it does not boast.  And how it always Trusts.  How can we break those down to see what we are called to do with the gift that we have in Christ?

The Gift of Jesus – is Patient, does not Envy, always Protects

This week as we begin to unpack the gift that Jesus is.  We take a look at how love is PATIENT.  How it does not ENVY.  And how love always PROTECTS.  This is the love that God has for us when He sent His only Son into the world to be the payment for our […]

The Gift of Jesus – Love

This time of year, we get so focused on the exchanging of gifts.  The wish lists and desire to get the perfect gift for that special person.  God gave the best gift the world has ever seen.  Jesus His son, as a sacrifice for us all.  This season we are going to focus on the […]