Notes from Nathan

Love God Love others

The Pharisees are at it again. They were trying to trap Jesus in His words.  This time they ask Jesus what the greatest commandment of all is.  Jesus’ response comes quickly quoting the Bible, “Love God, love others.”  What are some of the challenges we face today in following these commandments? 


Give to God what is God’s

The Pharisees paired up with the Herodians in an effort to trap Jesus in His words.  To try to drive a wedge between Him and His followers.  They asked Him if He thought everyone should pay taxes or not.  Jesus answered them, saying, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what […]


Understanding God’s righteous anger

In Matthew 21:12-13 we see Jesus display righteous anger for how the temple of God turned into a place of profit instead a place of prayer.  The high priest of that day was taking advantage of God’s people instead of bringing them closer to God.  This Sunday we are going to seek to understand 5 […]

Choosing to serve

Jesus continues to show His disciples how they can become great in the kingdom.  The disciples are showing their human nature repeatedly, as they try to use worldly aspirations to get ahead in Jesus’ kingdom.  What are a few lessons we can learn from Matthew 20:16-28, how can we apply these lessons to our day-to-day […]

That’s not fair!

Jesus speaks about the kingdom of heaven in a parable. This an illustration to help us understand a very important point about the kingdom. And how we are to react to the grace that we have been given freely.

Understanding “All In”

In Matthew 19, Jesus meets a rich young ruler.  Who is asking Him what he must do to have eternal life.   Jesus meets that man where he is vulnerable the most, and tells him what he must do.  What Jesus challenges this man with isn’t what he challenges us all with.  However, He does tell […]

Search and Restore

Continuing in Matthew 18, we see the next point that Jesus is communicating.  He tells us about the importance of not causing others to stumble.  He teaches us about the significance of sin in our lives.  He shows the love of the Shepard when he leaves the 99 to find the 1.  Finally, He shows […]

Achieve Greatness

Jesus’ disciples asked Him who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  Their question came from the disciples comparing themselves to one another.   They were in competition wondering who the greatest would be.  Jesus turns the question back around, telling them they need to turn and become like little children.  What does Jesus mean […]

The Power of Faith

In Matthew 17 Jesus’ disciples were not able to heal a boy that was brought to them.  When they asked Jesus why this was.  His response was “because of your little faith.”  Jesus was telling them that there is great power in faith.  Great power that is there waiting for us tap into.

New year. New problems?

The beginning of the new year brings new goals, challenges, and problems.  The question remains.  Are we going to be reactive or proactive or reactive to the problems that come our way? And are we planning to be a problem ourselves?