Notes from Nathan

John the Baptist put to death

In Matthew 14, the account of John the Baptist’s death is written down.  We see that Herod (the man guilty of John’s death), had struggles in his mind that he was dealing with during this whole ordeal.  Many struggles that we face here and now in today’s society.  What are those struggles, and how are […]


The danger of unbelief

In Matthew 13, Jesus visits His hometown.  And He is met with astonishment, as these people couldn’t see how this man that they watched grow up spoke with so much wisdom and knowledge.  They showed that they had a worldly view of things.  And that they didn’t believe in who Jesus was. 

What is the kingdom of Heaven

In Matthew 13, Jesus talks about the kingdom of Heaven.  He compares it to a mustard seed, leaven, a great treasure in a field.  A pearl of great value.  And He says that the kingdom of Heaven is like a dragnet cast into the sea.  How does the kingdom of Heaven compare to these things, […]

Weeds among the wheat

In the parable of the weeds.  Jesus compares us to wheat and weeds.  He speaks of how there will be a harvest, and we will be separated at that time.  He tells us that the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

What type of soil are we?

In the first part of Matthew 13, Jesus is speaking in a parable known as the “parable of the sower.”  Jesus speaks of 4 different types of places where the seed is sown.  We hope to learn more about these places Jesus is speaking of and to learn which one describes us best.

The tree is known by his fruit.

This Sunday’s service we plan to talk about how you can know a tree is good by its fruit.  In the same manner you can know a person is a child of God by their fruit.  But the questions are.  How do you cause a tree to be good or bad?  And how can we […]

Is there an unforgivable sin?

In the twelfth chapter of Matthew, Jesus speaks of an unforgivable sin.  What is that sin?  And how can we make sure that we don’t do it?  It might surprise you that it is reasonably easy to avoid.

Lord of the Sabbath

In the first part of Matthew chapter 12, Jesus is speaking to those around Him.  He points out that human need is greater than rituals.  That mercy is greater than rules, and mercy is also greater than fear.  Jesus shows mercy for those around Him, He heals them He feeds them.  Yet some of those […]

Come to me

In the last part of Matthew 11, Jesus spoke the words.  “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  The invitation is sent to all of us.  All of us that are weary and beaten down by this world around us.  He tells us […]

Is Jesus speaking to us?

In the eleventh chapter of Matthew, Jesus addresses those around Him.  He states that they seem to be looking for something other than Jesus.  He goes on to say that are towns that have refused to follow Him and that there will be judgment coming to those towns.  And He finishes this passage by telling […]