Notes from Nathan

Joseph’s Journey – Radically changed hearts

Joseph has been putting his brothers through tests to see if their hearts have changed.  He has been waiting to see if his brothers are truly looking for reconciliation.  They still don’t know that this Egyptian official is the brother they beat and sold into slavery.  As he stands before them what will they do?  […]


Joseph’s Journey – Is it time for a change?

Joseph’s brothers were once again sent home with grain they so desperately needed.  This time Joseph had silver cup put into the mouth of Benjamin’s grain sack.  This was put in there as a test to see if the brothers have changed.  Joeseph wanted to see if his brothers have truly changed yet.  And to […]


Joseph’s Journey – Restoring relationships.

In Genesis 43 we see that necessity drives Jacob to send his sons back to Egypt to get more food, as they are running out and the famine isn’t letting up.  This need is forcing them to conform to the will of God.  But what they don’t know is that this is all part of […]

Joseph’s Journey – Its me against the world!

Jacob’s sons have made their way back to Canaan, and they deliver the news to him that Benjamin must travel back to Egypt in order to buy grain.  Jacob feels the weight of the lie he was told 20 years prior.  The lie that his son Joseph was killed and removed from his life.  Jacob […]

Joseph’s Journey – A test of the heart.

Joseph’s brothers are sent back to Canaan with some grain and instruction to bring the youngest brother back to Egypt. They didn’t even know this was Joseph that they just encountered.  Yet he sent them with a gift they didn’t earn, he gave this gift to them even before they were reconciled to him.  

Joseph’s Journey – When faced with your past.

The seven years of plenty are over. The famine has spread to the land of Canaan as well. The nation of Israel is in need of help from Egypt. Joseph’s brothers travel to find help in the land of Egypt, they are faced with the decisions of their past. 

Joseph’s Journey – God meant it for good.

As we continue along this journey with Joseph.  We catch up with him while he is in prison for some time now.  And he is joined by a cupbearer and baker to the Pharoh.  As we will see these two joining him in prison are instrumental for Jospeh’s development.  God worked all things together for […]

Joseph’s Journey – Redeemed during hard times.

We catch up with Joseph now that he has been sold into slavery, by his flesh and blood.  The hatred that his brothers had towards him forced him into a foreign land, sold to strangers.  The feeling of despair that must have been so prevalent in his mind.  The fear of what will happen to […]

Joseph’s Journey – Out of the pit

This sermon is about the Journey of Joseph.  We will see the knowledge and power of God.  We will also examine what sin’s intentions are with us.  We will also see how God’s plan for us and His will is better than anything that Satan can throw at us.

Joseph’s Journey – Into the pit

Joseph’s brothers came up with a plan to get rid of him.  This came from the deep seeded hatred they have towards him.  They thought that they could end his dreams and set him down a path that he would never return from. However, God had other things in store for Joseph.  Plans that were […]