About Zach

Zachary MechamZach is a senior at Drake studying theatre and education. He aspires to be a teacher and work in ministry bi-vocationally. He’s leaning towards youth ministry but is not sure where he’s being lead at this point.

He currently facilitates the benevolence team, plays in the worship band, and serves as leadership in the
youth group. He has been with the church for two years and loves being a part of this church family.

The Present Time We Live In

The Mission of Grace

The Mission of Grace

A young fellow wanted to be a star journalist but lived in a small town (not much possibility). One day the dam upstream broke and the town was flooded. He got in a rowboat and headed out to look for a story. He Found a lady sitting on her rooftop so he tied up his […]

Food Pantry | Pleasantville Church of Christ

Food Pantry Needs!

As the food pantry has grown, we have been blessed by the support we have received in keeping it stocked. I cannot thank you all enough for being behind us as we distribute God’s blessing to those who have needs. With that being said, our pantry has been utilized heavily and our stock is beginning […]

Food pantry needs!!!

Through our food pantry, the benevolence team has been blessed to provide assistance to members in the community. In recent months, we have had the privilege to distribute these blessings to those in need. As a result,  we could use your help in restocking the food pantry.Our needs include: Canned pasta Hamburger helper Soup Chips […]