The Mission of Grace

The Mission of Grace

The Mission of GraceA young fellow wanted to be a star journalist but lived in a small town (not much possibility). One day the dam upstream broke and the town was flooded. He got in a rowboat and headed out to look for a story. He Found a lady sitting on her rooftop so he tied up his boat and told her what he was after. They both watched as various items floated by. As an item floats by she says, “Now there’s a story.”

“No, that’s not a story,” the young man replied. Finally a hat floats by and then does a 180 degree turn, goes upstream a ways and does another 180 degree turn. This continues several times. The fellow says, “There’s a story.”

“Oh no, that’s not a story, ” says the lady. That’s my husband Hayford. He said that he was going to mow the lawn come hell or high water!”

On March 20th, we celebrate Palm Sunday. On this historic day, Jesus arrives in Jerusalem during the Passover festival greeted cordially and praised by all. The only one who sees the torture and humiliation on the horizon is Jesus himself, yet he carries on. This determination to save a people so unworthy demonstrates a love that can’t be adequately expressed in words.

Join us this Sunday to celebrate Jesus’s sacrifice and dedication to the mission of grace. I am thrilled to explore this topic with you and look forward to seeing you at church!